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Since 1996 the freelance biologist Eike G. Fischer PhD and his employees work under the label 'Aix Scientifics®'. Before he and some of his students designed and evaluated clinical studies for various Contract Research Organisations (CROs) in addition to their jobs at the university.

Before Aix Scientifics® was founded, E.G.F. practised as a scientist in various medical departments of the Medical University of Hanover ., the University of Ulm ., and the RWTH Aachen . (rheumatology, pharmacology, physiology, pathology, microbiology, immunology and electron-microscopy). Most of his published work is related to immunological topics. [publication listing .] He is a member of several scientific societies. [member of... .]

Aix Scientifics® arose from the idea to conduct clinical trials by means of the Internet in a time and cost saving manner. This idea was based on the former development of a conventional remote data entry system.

There are some external scientists and former students belonging to the staff of Aix Scientifics® and being connected to E.G.F. by a long-standing cooperation.

In the last twenty-seven years Aix Scientifics® performed clinical trials for pharmaceutical products and medical devices all around the world.

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